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Bloggers United - May 27, 2011


Thanks for taking our pic, Tricia~ :)

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Meanwhile at Jeca's...: A Dream Aloud


i’ve been wanting to try runway photography for quite some time now, and a few days ago an opportunity came up in the form of a magazine ad: the first ever Candy Magazine Fashion Show! so i seized the chance and what you have below is a photo-heavy blog from the event :))

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Candy Fashion Show


i attended the candy fashion show last sunday. :) prepare for a photo spam in one post. :))

i got to meet Rosanna Aranaz, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy and Camille Co. i saw Lissa Kahayon but I wasn’t able to get her picture. oh well.

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Candy Fashion Show @ Megamall (April 3, 2011)





Finally saw Tricia Gosingtian in person <3 But then I got shy to ask her for a pic @ Forever21. Oh well :))


Tag your posts with #candy fashion show so we can see your photos from the event! :)

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