Your best-est friend ever! |

"his beauty I had thought of at seven, at fifteen, was something I had made up in my mind with the ideas of others. It was nothing close to what beauty was really like. I have come to know that beauty is flawed, flawed with scars of acne, scars from a wound you got from the first time learning to ride the bicycle. Beauty is made up of broken hearts, rejections, and doubts rolled into one. But beauty is also courage, the courage to get through these doubts and insecurities every waking day. It doesn’t come in sizes, in tape measurements, or weighing scales. Because the difference is what makes it appealing. Beauty is many different things, and all of us are."


"There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become a better version of you, but there’s a huge difference when you want to alter your looks because you think you don’t fit a certain type or mold."

- Macy Alcaraz,